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How “NOT TO LOSE” playing light tanks
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Welcome to another episode of War Thunder Tutorials.

Sometimes it is just not enough to show HOW to do things. Sometimes you have to show HOW NOT TO DO things. I bet many of you often ask yourself: why did I perish all the time and can't destroy a single tank? I know it is tempting to blame it all on the game's balance, the Russian bias or your teammates. But how about thinking of your own mistakes and try and fix them? Ready? Let's do this.

The War Thunder Video Tutorials are a series of video guides created to equip the Community with the means necessary to compete on the fierce battlefields of War Thunder. Featuring the crew of the Igromania gaming magazine, they offer a player-focused insight on the game's mechanics, playstyle guides as well as tips and tricks to those who want to master the game. Be sure to check them out and leave your feedback, comments and ideas for future episodes on our forums!

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