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Holiday Bundles
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From December the 25th to January the 11th:
Holiday bundles will be available in the Gaijin.net Store with a 40% discount!
These bundles are devoted to different nations and will be changed every few days.

Steel Chariots (will be available until January 4th 17:00 GMT):

Shielded KV-1E Starter Pack​ IS-2 Revenge for the Hero brother Advanced Pack Guards Starter Pack​
  • Shielded KV-1E tank (Rank 2 USSR);
  • Premium account for 7 days;
  • 2000 Golden Eagles.
  • Т-34 tank mod. 1941 (Rank 2 USSR);
  • Premium account for 7 days;
  • 1000 Golden Eagles.

Armor of Liberty (will be available until January 4th 17:00 GMT):

M3A1 Stuart Starter Pack​
Grant I Advanced Pack​
M18 Black Cat Advanced Pack​
  • M3A1 Stuart light tank (Rank 1 USA);
  • ‘United States Marine Corps’ decal;
  • 500 Golden Eagles.
  • Grant I medium tank (Rank 2 USA);
  • Premium account for 15 days;
  • 1500 Golden Eagles.

Did you already plan to purchase an interesting premium vehicle but were not sure which one to choose? Worry no more, we have collected together some of the best premium vehicles and vehicle sets with a massive 40% discount. Even if one of the vehicles already adorns your hangar (either from individual purchase or as part of a bigger pack), we will subtract its value from the set price!

Next bundle will be available on January 5th - don’t miss it!

This offer is only valid for PC, Mac and Linux users.

However, exclusive War Thunder - Desert Rats Bundle and War Thunder - Royal Air Force Bundle are also available for PS4 players only from December 24th till January 5th: See in PlayStation®Store!

The War Thunder Team

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