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Golden Eagles on Sale!
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The ‘Golden November’ event series ends with a unique offer you have never seen before!

From 08:00 November 23rd GMT (00:00 November 23rd PST) till 06:00 November 25th GMT (22:00 November 24th PST) we will conduct a Golden Eagles sale, the first one in War Thunder’s history.

Only for this weekend will you be able to buy premium currency with a

whopping 20% discount!

Golden Eagles are the in-game currency, which can be spent on a Premium account and other additional content: premium machines, faster crew development, additional crew slots and backup planes. They can also be exchanged for another in-game currency — Silver Lions.

We sincerely hope to see you in game this weekend. Put your newly acquired Golden Eagles to good use!

Yours truly

War Thunder team

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