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Sky Duels by Ground Forces HQ: Khalkhin Gol
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From November 22nd 15:00 GMT to November 25th 11:00 GMT (from November 22nd 7:00 PST to November 25th 03:00 PST)

x5 experience for the first victory on every nation

15% special discount for XP conversion: USSR, Japan


1. While flying I-15 WR, I-15 M-22, I-15 R, I-15 bis destroy 40/25/10 enemy aircraft in Arcade/History/Full-Real Battles respectively.

2. While flying Ki-10-I, Ki-10-I C, Ki-10-II, Ki-10-II C destroy 40/25/10 enemy aircraft in Arcade/History/Full-Real Battles respectively.
3. While flying any USSR aircraft destroy 50/30/7 enemy aircraft in Arcade/History/Full-Real Battles respectively.

4. While flying any Japanese aircraft destroy 50/30/7 enemy aircraft in Arcade/History/Full-Real Battles respectively.


You may earn up to 140 000 Silver Lions completing these achievements, and each of them will be counted as a 'Ground Forces HQ' mission, increasing your chances of being invited to the ground forces closed beta.

(You can check your progress in your game profile — 'Achievements' tab)

The Polikarpov I-15 was a soviet series of single engine biplanes that entered service in 1934. These fighters had a number of technical solutions that could not be considered innovative by the middle and the end 1930s, like mixed wood and metal construction with fabric covered elements, non-retractable landing gear and an open cockpit. These features directly impacted the aircraft’s speed, but gave the I-15 its biggest advantage - outstanding manoeuvrability. Moreover, the fighter’s considerable armament (4x7.62 caliber machine guns) and good climb rate allowed its use as a high-altitude interceptor.

The I-15’s contemporary a Japanese fighter the Ki-10 had been created under the direction of Kawasaki’s engineer and aeronautical designer Takeo Doi. The model was the last biplane adopted by the Japanese Army and possessed relatively good speed (for a plane with fixed landing gear) and high manoeuvrability. However its armament was inadequate by all standards, consisting of just two 7.7mm machine guns.

In 1939 the Japanese and Soviet biplanes faced each other in the battles over the Mongolian river of Khalkhin Gol (the events also known as the Nomonhan Incident). The undeclared war broke out between the USSR, Mongolia, the Japanese Empire and its puppet state of Manchukuo. It was fought from May till September of 1939 and ended up in a Japanese army defeat. By that time both the Polikarpov I-15 (in its ‘bis’ modification) and the Kawasaki Ki-10 II were near obsolete and suffered heavy losses from modern monoplanes like Ki-27 and I-16.

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