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Dear Players!

This sunday, December the 6th, victories will become even more satisfying! Receive Premium vehicles you don’t already own for 30 hours just for victories in Random Battles! It’s simple, join the game during two time periods, achieve two victories, and cash in!

During December 6th, 03:00 GMT - 06:00 GMT, and December 6th, 16:00 GMT - 19:00 GMT
During December 5th, 19:00 PST - 22:00 PST, and December 6th, 08:00 PST - 11:00 PST

Gain two victories in a row in Random Battles for a random Premium vehicle for 30 hours!

For the victory to count, you should achieve at least 70% battle activity.

Receive a premium vehicle for 30 hours for EVERY two victories in a row - you’ll be able to earn several vehicles and use them simultaneously! Gain Premium aircraft in Air Battles and Premium tanks in Ground Battles. Should you get the same vehicle twice, the duration will be prolonged by 30 hours. 

Available are all Premium vehicles from Rank II to Rank IV, except rocket vehicles. The crews trained to drive specific vehicles will not lose their training after the test drive is over.Plus, of course, you will keep everything you earned. 

Prove unique vehicles in battle - and profit from bigger bonuses towards Research Points and Silver Lions!

The War Thunder Team

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