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Stalingrad counter-offensive anniversary
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Seventy one years ago, on November the 19th 1942 the Red Army had launched a counter-offensive at Stalingrad, this was known as the Operation Uranus.

For the whole autumn of 1942 the Soviet troops kept the enemy forces from capturing a beachhead on the right bank of Volga to cross the river and seize the city. The Germans’ success would have meant losing one of the country’s most important industrial centres as well as the oil fields of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, putting other southern regions of the USSR at risk. To complete this strategic task Hitler had gathered an unprecedentedly large force near Stalingrad: hundreds of tanks and planes, approximately 10,000 artillery pieces, over 1 million soldiers. But even that was not enough to defeat the Red Army’s deep defense.

By November 19th the Soviet command had assembled enough troops to conduct a counteroffensive operation. It started with a massive artillery preparation and an attack of the 1st Guards Army, 5th Tank Army, and 21st Army from the North that cut off the main German force near Stalingrad. The next attack was launched from the South the next day and by November 23rd the Axis armies have been surrounded. Even though the surrounded Germans only surrendered in February 1943, the outcome of the battle had already been determined.

This victory was the turning point of the Great Patriotic war; the Soviet troops had seized the strategic initiative and didn’t lose it until the defeat of Germany.

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