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"Panfilov's Twenty Eight" - official Russian trailer
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Gaijin Entertainment presents the official trailer for “Panfilov's Twenty Eight”. Gaijin Entertainment, in partnership with the "28 Panfilov Guardsmen" studios , is making a film of the same name dedicated to the heroic deeds of the protectors of Moscow in battle against the fascist invaders in the autumn of 1941. The film’s heroes, soldiers of the 316th Rifle Division, enter, outnumbered, into a battle at the Dubosekovo crossroad with an entire Wehrmacht tank army. 

The personal bravery of the soldiers and officers under General Panfilov won out against the onrushing steel of Hitler’s forces, where the strongest advance of the German army toward the USSR’s capital was halted. Panfilov’s 28 men is the first film dedicated to this legendary deed by Soviet soldiers. The film’s premiere will take place in 2016, the year of the 75th anniversary of the battle of Moscow. 

Please, switch the subtitles for the video on. International premiere of the trailer will be launched shortly after - follow the news.

The deeds of Panfilov’s men first came to light from a note by a front-line correspondent, which described in detail the heroism and self-sacrifice of Panfilov’s division through the example of soldiers from the 4th Rifle Company. Soviet soldiers did battle with enemy tanks on an open battlefield, with insufficient ammo and artillery. The cost was the lives of almost all the soldiers in the company, but the German tanks were stopped, literally in their tracks before they reached Moscow. Panfilov’s heroic 28, like the 300 Spartans of king Leonidas in battle with the Persians, became an eternal personification of selflessness, bravery and honour in defending one’s homeland from invaders.

There can be no doubt that the deeds of Panfilov’s 28 men played a significant mobilizing role in the story of the Great Patriotic War, becoming an example of incredible courage and self-sacrifice. The phrase “Russia is a vast land, yet there is nowhere to retreat – Moscow is behind us!” has forever become a symbol of defenders of the motherland.

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