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US Medium Tanks
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The U.S. line of medium tanks consist of some of the most iconic ground vehicles known to the world, with many from World War Two to the Korean and Vietnam war conflicts. In game, the U.S. medium tanks are represented in one main line starting with the M2 medium tank, which is then preceded by the prominent M3 Lee, the Sherman variant’s, the Pershing’s, the well-known Patton series, and finally by the legendary M60.

During World War Two, United States command concluded that a new medium tank was required. in order to replace the M2 which had become outdated. The M2 medium tank played a key-role in American tank engineering, and it helped to pioneer the the future for new U.S. Medium tanks.

Development of the previous generation medium tank lead to the development of the M3 medium tank. This is famously known as the M3 Lee which was named after general Lee, and M3 ‘Grant’ was named after general Grant. The Grant had a modified turret, compared to the M3 Lee. Both M3’s used the same armaments.

Continuing on from the previous generations saw the development of arguably the most iconic tank in the world: The M4 Sherman, named after General Sherman. This series was developed to be low cost, simple and effective. To begin with, the Sherman was still underdeveloped compared to other medium tanks at the time. However, over its lifetime, the M4 Sherman would be redeveloped and retrofitted to be one of finest tanks ever produced.

The M26 Pershing series (named after General Pershing) was originally intended to be a heavy tank to replace the M4 Sherman series. However, due to delays in the program, this would not eventuate as expected. The M26 was compared equally to, and looked similar in ways to the German ‘Panther’. Due to technological advantages, this tank would be designated as a medium tank. Only a couple of thousand M26‘s would be produced over its lifespan. A few would see action late during World War Two, including super Pershings which were considered as competitors to the German ‘King Tiger’. Many of the M26’s produced during this time would later be retrofitted to become known as the M46 Patton.

The Patton tank series is also a very well-known historical tank series, which was named after the famous U.S. Army General ‘George Smith Patton’. The Patton series is available in the game starting with the M46 and currently concluding with the M47 Patton. The M46’s had seen action in the Korean War where it held the advantage over the out-dated North Korean vehicles. However, the M47 which replaced the previous M46 was only to see very limited service. It was soon replaced by the M60.

The second generation M60 main battle tank would not be officially recognised as a Patton by the United States Army; however, it was officially known as the “105mm Gun Full Tracked Combat tank M60” or M60 for short. The M60 had one of the most lethal, accurate guns ever produced, with great manoeuvrability, protection, and speed. In game the M60 is a top tier final tank for the U.S. medium line.

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