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Remembrance Day and Veterans Day
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As you fly today, take a moment to remember the brave warriors who serve or have served in the armed forces all across the world, even at the cost of giving their life for what they believed in. In reality, this honour has no boundaries, no politics, just a belief in fighting for their loved ones and their country.

Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November to remind us all at the end of hostilities in  World War I on that date in 1918. Hostilities formally ended: “at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month". The red remembrance poppy has become the emblem of Remembrance Day. These poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I, their brilliant red colour an fitting symbol for the blood spilled in any war.

Veterans Day is an official United States holiday which honors people who have served in the armed services.

“We Will Remember Them”


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