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75 Years Anniversary - Battle of Britain - September 19th to 21st
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On the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, we invite you to partake in an action packed week full of exciting events, aimed at recreating several Axis vs. Allied battles of WW2 over Britain, from 15:00 GMT 15 September, to 15:00 GMT 21 September.

Specials and Events for September 19th to 21st:

[Air Domination] Britain (AB)

[Operation] Britain​ (RB / SB)​

 Winner - Britain

 Winner - Germany

Be victorious in battle while flying British aircraft and receive a “Battle Trophy”. Be victorious in battle while flying German aircraft and receive a “Battle Trophy”.

  • Complete the tasks to receive a "Battle Trophy".
  • You can follow your progress in "Nickname >>> Achievements >>> 75 years Battle of Britain".

In the days following the postponement of Operation Sea Lion, the remaining barges and invasion fleet became the target of several RAF raids. London was still recovering from damage caused by the previous evening's raids that had caused substantial damage. The Luftwaffe would further target the London docks, Hackney, Lambeth palace, Walthamstow, Liverpool and Nottingham to name just a few targets from the 19th September to the 21st September 1940. This however was the final downward wind for the Battle of Britain.

The Battle was a key turning point early in the war and marked one of the most significant air battles in history. The Summer of 1940 will always be remembered for the bravery, skill and courage of pilots and crew on both sides, but also those affected by the conflict. Aircraft such as the Supermarine Spitfire, Messerschmitt Bf 109, Hawker Hurricane, Dornier Do-17, Heinkel He-111 and Junkers Ju-87 would become synonymous icons of aviation and much like those who flew and fought in them, become immortalized in history.

The War Thunder Team

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