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Brazilian Independence
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"Independence or Death!"

Declaration of Brazil's independence by Prince Pedro on 7th September, 1822. His Guard of Honour greets
him in support while some discard the blue and white armbands that represented loyalty to Portugal.

Dear Players!

September the 7th is a very important day for Brazilians. On this day in 1822 it gained its independence from its original status of the United Kingdoms of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves, creating the Empire of Brazil under Emperor D. Pedro I. Unlike most countries in the Americas, Brazil’s independence process was relatively pacifistic, with very few battles, only requiring a non- violent revolution to assert itself.

During the Napoleonic Wars, France invaded the Iberian Peninsula as a way to consolidate its continental blockade over Great Britain and its Portuguese ally. However, the Portuguese royal family managed to escape to Brazil with the rest of her court, establishing the territory as a kingdom with its capital in Rio de Janeiro.

With the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the Portuguese royal family returned to Lisbon and left her son Pedro in command. Growing more economically strong, the country stopped answering to the Portuguese Crown, and as a way to guarantee its power and to avoid a violent conflict, Pedro himself proclaimed the independence of Brazil on the banks of the Ipiranga River on the 7th of September, 1822 by declaring “Independência ou Morte!” - “Independence or Death!” becoming Emperor Dom Pedro I.

Author: Cleber "Krebs" Marques

With one of the following updates, we will include the Emblem of the
"1st Fighter Aviation Group of the Brazilian Air Force" to War Thunder:

Decal made by Jej 'CharlieFoxtrot' Ortiz

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