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Tankers and Pilots!

As you know, the War Thunder team has lead an ongoing section on the forum with “Questions to the Team”, where the players are able to ask Gaijin employees and Developers questions regarding different aspects of the game.

In addition to this, we’ve have actively taken it a step further in an aim to improve the communication system between players and developers even further, to make it more simple and accessible. Now, starting with the publication of the next devblog, we will be introducing a new method of communication where players can send questions to our developers, where detailed answers will be published to an official page, and which will exemplify some of the most interesting examples for all to see. Of course, questions must be constructive and clear. We really consider this a good step in the right direction, with answers to the most interesting questions being published directly in the devblog topic on our official page.

We hope that this system will make communication between players and developers even easier and enjoyable. Don't forget to check out the devblog this evening & stay in touch!

The War Thunder Team

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