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Bastille Day Special
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From 16.00 GMT on July 17th to 09.00 GMT on July 20th

Participate in our "Bastille Day" special to earn some great
bonuses and the unique French D.521 aircraft!

Additionally, during this special you will be able to purchase its sister
aircraft, the D.520, for Golden Eagles - with the ability to unlock a discount! 


Complete one of the following tasks:

Earned prize:

Destroy 50enemy aircraft 

"Bastille Trophy"

 or destroy 50enemy ground vehicles

Destroy 100enemy aircraft 

Chance to earn D.521
"Bastille Trophy"

or destroy 100enemy ground vehicles

Destroy 150enemy aircraft 

Chance to earn D.521
"Bastille Trophy"

or destroy 150enemy ground vehicles

Destroy 200enemy aircraft 

Chance to earn D.521
10% personal discount for D.520
"Bastille Trophy"

or destroy 200enemy ground vehicles

Destroy 250enemy aircraft 

Dewoitine D.521
20% personal discount for D.520
"Bastille Trophy"

Destroy 250enemy ground vehicles

Only player vehicles are counted. Kills from the previous stage carry over to the next stage.
Your personal vehicle must be rank II to V.

Content of the "Bastille Trophy"

You gain one of the following items:

Random wager
3 of 7 different orders
10-40% Random SL booster (10 battles)
10-40% Random RP booster (10 battles)
10000-120000 SL

For this special the following multiplicators are active:

  • Aircraft: x2 in 'Realistic Battles'; x5 in 'Simulator Battles'
  • Ground vehicles: x2 in 'Simulator Battles'

You can track your progress in "Achievements" -> "Bastille Day".

Attention! For each completed stage you can earn the prizes only once. So if you complete the stage and earned your prize while controlling aircraft, all following stages must also be completed by controlling aircraft in order to progress.

Are you curious about the origins of 'Bastille Day'?
Read more about it in our dedicated article!

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