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War Thunder - Snail Awards: Combined Battles
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Welcome to our new War Thunder - Snail Awards!

Dear Players!

In our most recent competition, we are looking for the Michael Bays, Steven Spielbergs and James Camerons within our Community, to create a series of Community trailers for War Thunder that do one thing above all: kick ass! If you think you know how to make an amazing trailer, then don’t waste any time, start filming right now and cash in on the prizes. There is plenty of time for some amazing shots, as the deadline for this competition is set to the 30th of September.

Our very first Snail Awards is all about Combined Battles, a detailed description follows below. If you’re unsure about what we are looking for, check out our official Ground Forces and US Tanks release trailers as a reference.


Create the best War Thunder trailer focussing on Ground Forces combat supported (and hunted!) by aircraft. Showcase everything that makes War Thunder’s land battles epic: impressive and varied vehicle models, massive battles, hit- and deathcam, artillery and aircraft strikes, buzzing shells and machine guns, AA fire, rockets, bombs - you got it. Don’t be shy to capture a lot of action and emotion!

Participants can receive one of the following awards:

Wear this badge with pride on the official forums, and receive 10.000 Golden Eagles!
Wear this badge with pride on the official forums, and receive 7.500 Golden Eagles!
Wear this badge with pride on the official forums, and receive 5.000 Golden Eagles!

Out of all the videos submitted by users, we will pick the best videos and award them with one of our Snail Awards depending on their quality. As an example: It is thus possible that multiple, or no video will, for example, receive a Golden Snail award.

The Snail Award includes a prize reward in Golden Eagles and will also be visible on the user’s profile on our official forum.

Please be sure to read the rules carefully before participating in the competition!

Rules for participation:

  • Your video should be up to 5 minutes long;
  • The video quality must be HD (1280x720) or higher;
  • The video must be hosted on one of the following sites: YouTube or Vimeo;
  • The video must be posted on War Thunder Live with the Hasthag #snailawards and in competition topic on our official forum
  • You should only use War Thunder music and ingame sounds. If you use other music or effects, they must be available without copyright and free for any use;
  • All picture footage must come from War Thunder;
  • Movie’ graphic settings are a minimum for any footage recorded;
  • You are free to use special effects in your video and edit it (highlight reel / montage);
  • The winners will be decided by a panel of judges from the War Thunder community team;
  • The Contest Organisers reserve the right to alter these Conditions at any time;
  • You automatically agree to pass the exclusive rights of the video to Gaijin Entertainment if your submission is picked as a winner;
  • The deadline for posting entries is the 30th of September. Competition winners will be announced a few days later.

Please do not post anything containing swastikas, SS division symbols, profanity, vulgar symbols, etc. If you post videos that contain one of these or post something ridiculous, your video will not even be considered. We will be choosing videos that may be used in future updates or articles so you acknowledge to waive your rights to them over to us.

Good Luck Warriors!
The War Thunder Team
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