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1 year of OBT: War Thunder Golden Battles
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Pilots and Tankers!

 During this year the game has not only expanded but also had some major changes!  We added about 100 new planes, dozens of locations, introduced new modes and modifications, we had the game released on Steam and have run countless amount of special events together Internationally!

During this time several millions of players enjoyed the game and for each and every one of you we are  preparing  something really special:


From November 1st 06:00 GMT to November 4th 06:00 GMT (from October 31st 23:00 PDT to November 3rd 23:00 PDT)!

  •  x5 EXP bonus for the first victory for all nations

  • up to 400 Golden Eagles for victories on November 3rd from 15:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT (from 08:00 PDT to 12:00 PDT)

  • Also special 50% discount for a year's premium account, that will apply  for planes and ground forces once they are released and after that!


See you in the skies of War Thunder during all three days, each day will also bring some further big discounts for premium and standard aircraft.


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