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Facebook Minigame
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Dear Players,

Follow us on our social media to be the first to know about new and exciting information, as well as various events that are exclusive to War Thunder Facebook, G+ and Twitter. Every week, we will be featuring multiple streamers & preparing mini-games, where you will get the chance to win different amounts of Golden Eagles!

Don't miss your chance - today, we have a special mini-game for you to take part in! Jump into our WT Facebook, and participate in our "What map is it? mini-game".

Find out what map is it & win UNIQUE PREMIUM He 51 B-2 Hydroplane! There is a building on the picture. It's part of an in-game map. Write down the answer in the FACEBOOK comments, like the post and at the end of the second day, we will pick one random guy with correct answer who will win this unique beauty! More games & unique prizes to come in future!


See you on the battlefield!

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