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War Thunder on Aerofestival 2015!
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Dear Players,

It is with great pleasure we invite you to Poland and one of the largest air shows in Europe, Aerofestival 2015. On 13 and 14 June, over the Poznan-Ławica airport will appear true legends of aviation, you'll be able to see in action such aircraft as the F4U Corsair, A6M3 Zero , P-51 Mustang or Yak-3.

"Aerofestival is an amazing dose of adrenaline combined with professionalism, passion and committed people. War Thunder with great pride joins in partnership with undoubtedly one of the largest aviation events in Europe, which will probably settle permanently into the calendar of every aviation enthusiast.

We at War Thunder would like to let you not only learn, but also enjoy a touch of history, which is why we have prepared our stand during Aerofestival 2015. Our stand will be equipped with equipment that completely changes the definition of virtual aviation. We invite you all to come and sit behind the controls with Thrustmaster equipment and Oculus Rift goggles.

Additionally, for all visitors there will be unique competitions and attractions, including valuable gadgets and awards from War Thunder." - Bartlomiej 'Bajtek' Kalemba, Polish Community Manager.

More information about Aerofestival can be found here.

Be There - Together With War Thunder

War Thunder Team

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