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New Wallpapers!
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War Thunder presents new wallpapers.  This time meet famous Japanese fighters: 



Ki-43-II "Hayabusa"


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Ki-43-II Hayabusa (Peregrine Falcon)  was the most common version of Ki-43 fighter of  Imperial Japanese Army, it entered production in 1942 and was used until end of the war. Beloved by pilots and known by enemies, it achieved impressive scores but also suffered heavy losses when new  US fighters entered service.

A5M4 (Claude) – basic pre-war Japanese carrier based fighter, stable and maneuverable it was easy to fly and was a plane on which a lot of aces like Minoru Genda achieved impressive victories over China. A5M4 entered production in 1938 and was used still, when Kido Butai attacked Pearl Harbour. At that  time was obsolete, slow and vulnerable but still used by many Kokutai’s.
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