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War Thunder Skin and Screenshot competition April week 4 winners
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War Thunder Screenshot Competition

April week 4 winners

We present to you the winners of our current War Thunder's Screenshot Competition (April week 4). Each of weekly winners got a prize of 300

_BillyTheKid_ and his Target Spotted (Artistic screenshot) VonRichthofen555 and his Normandy, June 17th, 1944 (Historical Recreation) szerLucjan and his "forgotten" (Artistic Screenshot)


Raven852 and his "Defending my country" (Artistic Screenshot)

danielevicius and his "Achtung Panzer!" (Straight Screenshot)

War Thunder biweekly Skin Competition

April weeks 3-4 winners

We present to you the winners of our current War Thunder Skin Competition - April weeks 3-4 winners (13th-30th April). Each of the biweekly winners recive a prize of 750

Tiger_VI and his 100th Produced Panzer IV at Nibelungenwerk GRUFFMAN and his Ki-43 III Otsu Paegas and his First Sherman in Plzen


__StrafeMike__ and his F6F-5 (early) Hellcat "Minsi III", Cmdr.David McCampbell, CAG 15, USS Essex

PurpleMamba and his P47D-28, Chief Seattle ,Pilot LT. J.R. Murphy, C/C. S/SGT R.Powell, ARM. S/SGT R.L. Whitney

Well done and keep up the good job guys!

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