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Air Forces 4x4 - Weekend Tournament
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This weekend, our automated air tournament “4x4 format” will take place, which will be available in all modes!

The decisive battles in the “Gladiators” tournament uses the 4x4 format: a pilots personal skill helps to achieve the end result, but without proper battle area evaluation and teamwork you cannot gain your victory. The actions of one pilot affect all the others and each member’s contribution may prove to be decisive.

The tournament is called “Aviation 4x4” (mode is displayed). You can locate it in the “events and tournaments” tab. After the tournament ends, the players who achieved the first 1000 places in their respective modes will get an unique title “Combat master 4x4”.

Play, compete and join your friends and see how you perform in battle where any mistake can cost you and your team the match!

Tournament Rules

  • Each new participant begins with a rating of 0 and earns points through victories, depending on the other participants’ ratings.
  • The matchmaker for the tournament will balance your opponents and allies based on your current rating.
  • If you choose to play in a squad - your squad will be balanced in accordance with the squad-member who has the highest personal tournament rating.
  • Available aircraft will be of rank 2 and 3, shown in the description of the event in game.
  • Prizes will be awarded within five days after the tournament has ended.
  • Tournament battle results do not count for other events and/or specials.

The War Thunder Team

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