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What vehicle is it?
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The contest is over, thank you for participation!
Respective winners will be contacted via PM on Social media.

Dear players,

today, we have a special mini-game for you! What vehicle is it? You can see a partly visible vehicle on the picture with only a few small areas (1 at the start) revealed. Each hour, more and more of the vehicle will be made visible, but the prize will reduce accordingly - the picture will be updated 5x times, once every hour. The initial picture will be visible from 16:00 GMT, the second at 17:00 GMT etc. up to 20:00 GMT.

Guess what the vehicle is, state the answer on our social media under the mini-game announcement & win!


  • The Picture will be updated every hour from the launch (16:00 GMT)
  • The end of the contest will be at 20:00 GMT - 5 pictures will have been revealed
  • The prize will be lowered every hour - the more  the picture is revealed, the lower the prize will be
  • The answer must be full in-game name of the vehicle, with no other comments!
  • If you have trouble viewing the updated picture, press CTRL+ F5
  • The answer must be put under the mini-game announcement on our social media - G+, Facebook & Twitter
  • There can be only 10 winners & you can guess only once. You put more comments - you are out. Better be sure about the answer!


Guess what vehicle it is (the whole name), put it on our social media & win the prize! it's as easy as that!

  • 1st hour (16:00) - 500
  • 2nd hour (17:00) - 400
  • 3rd hour (18:00) - 300
  • 4th hour (19:00) - 200
  • 5th hour (20:00) - 100

The War Thunder Team

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