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: the Flying Tigers
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From 12th of October 06:00 GMT to 14th of October 06:00 GMT (From 11th of October 23:00 PDT to 13th of October 23:00 PDT) 

 P-40 vs. Ki-43

Weekend Special:

x5 experience bonus for the first victory

20% Special discount for purchase price of single-engined prop planes of USA 

20% Special discount for purchase price of single-engined prop planes of Japan

P-36A, P-36C, P-36G, P-40E-1, P-39N0, P-39Q-5, P-47D-25, P-47D-28,

P-63A-5, P-63A-10, P-63C-5, P-51D-5, P-51D-30, F2A-1,

F2A-3, F4F3, F4F4, F6F6, F4U-1a, F4U-1d, F4U-1c, F8F-1, F8F-1B

A5M4, A6M2-N, A6M2, A6M3, A6M3 mod.22, A6M5, 

Ki-43-II, Ki-61-Ia, Ki-61-Ib, Ki-61-Ib, Ki-61-Ic, N1K2-J,  N1K2-Ja


While flying P40, Ki-43


Destroy  5 and 50 enemy aircraft in Arcade Battles


Destroy  3 and 10 enemy aircraft in Historical Battles


Destroy  5  enemy aircraft in Full Real Battle



and earn over 100 000 Silver Lions (you can see your progress in your profile -> achievements)


Moreover we add an event: Rices Terraces [Historical Battles] with +20% reward bonus   for the duration of the Special! Fight as one of Flying Tigers or Japanese Ace.

Sky Duels will be available starting from 1pm GMT (6am PDT)



The Flying Tigers:

Before the Japanese attacked the US at Pearl Harbor, they invaded parts of China. The Chinese tried to hold back the advance of the Japanese but they did not have a worthy air force to put up against them. The US could not send troops or military equipment as they were not at war at that time. A group of volunteers were gathered from stateside and sent over to fly the  P-40 Tomahawks in support of the Chinese. Their aircraft were painted with shark's teeth on the nose and the national insignia was a 12-pointed white star on a blue circle--not the US marking. Their squadron marking was a V with a flying-tiger jumping through it (originally created by Walt Disney).




This group of volunteers were called the American Volunteer Group (The Flying Tigers). They fought for the Chinese until Japan attacked the US and war was declared. Most of these volunteers re-joined the US military at that time and they adopted the same shark teeth for their aircraft markings.


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