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T-44 Restoration Project - Final
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Gaijin Entertainment in association with the Central Museum of Armored Vehicles and Weapons in Kubinka finished the restoration of the Soviet T-44 medium tank. The vehicle is in running order, has parade camouflage, and is ready to go 'to Battle'! Victory is ours!

On February 21st, 2015, Gaijin and the Kubinka Museum held a festivity for all fans and friends of military vehicles. Highlight of the program was a reenacted tank battle of World War II, where our restored T-44 of course participated!

Now, the T-44 is a valued part of the museum's collection and will, besides being visible for daily visitors, participate in events and parades regularly.

In celebration of the restoration of the T-44, we'll include the 'Znamenksiy' decal to War Thunder, which is now painted on the restored T-44, with a coming update.  

Below, you'll find a selection of photos of the event. You can also visit the album of the event on our Facebook page.

Visit the full album on our Facebook page here!

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