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War Thunder Skin Competition - February week 3 winners
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We present to you the winners of our current War Thunder Skin Competition - February week 3 winners (16th-22nd February). Each of the weekly winners recive a prize of 500

War Thunder Skin Competition winners:

Kabanovich and his Yak-9Т 4IAP, Pilot - Stepanenko Ivan Nikiforovich, autumn-winter 1943:

zFireWyvern and his M16 MGMC, 'Fly Tox', 1A 486 AAA, F2, USA 4011737-S:

_Stigman_ and his VFA-103 Jolly Rogers skin for the MK22/24 Griffon Spitfire:


PaganiZonda and his, Messerschmitt Bf-109G-10, Kommandeur 1./JG52, Major Erich Hartmann:


BombMarley and his W.Nr 210060 Fw. 190 D9 of JG2, "Richthofen" Nidda, Germany 1944:

Well done and keep up the good job guys!

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