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Test Pilots & Tankers Required
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Pilots and tankers!

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received, combined realistic and simulator battles are again available as experimental events! We invite you to take part in another test of two game modes that quickly became favourites for many of our players.

The experimental events will be available

From 11:00 GMT on February 12th to 11:00 GMT on February 16th

To participate, check the “Events & Tournaments” tab!

Participating Nations: USSR and USA against Germany
Locations: Poland, Mozdok, Eastern Europe

Realistic Battles:

  • Markers are displayed only for teammates. This will allow teams to coordinate more efficiently;
  • Earn points to respawn: The number of respawns depends on the efficiency of the player and is limited only by the size of his hangar.

Simulator Battles:

  • Markers are displayed neither for teammates, not for enemies.
  • Combined Arms respawn: You can choose one aircraft and one ground vehicle per battle. The amount of respawns of your ground vehicle depends on its class.

Dear friends! For the development of new game modes, your feedback and suggestions are essential. Please leave your comments on the forums!

See you in the skies and on the battlefield!

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