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Let's reach 400 000 on Facebook!
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Pilots and Tankers!

The War Thunder Community on Facebook is growing rapidly, and we expect it to reach the amazing number of 400 000 followers soon! And for that occasion, we’ve prepared a new kind of special for you, in which you will be able to win exclusive vehicles through victories - if you can prove your knowledge about War Thunder in our Mastermind Quiz!

The War Thunder Mastermind Quiz will be available shortly after we reached 400 000 followers on Facebook, so make sure to invite your friends to help! The sooner we reach this number, the sooner you’ll have the opportunity to receive exclusive vehicles for free! There are probably a lot of people around you that you know are playing the game - clanmates, friends or classmates - and now is the perfect time to make sure they are following War Thunder as well!

By following War Thunder on Facebook, you and your friends will always be up to date with recent activities and developments in the game, from latest news to ongoing specials - and you will never miss a bonus event again!

Stay tuned, and keep an eye on the counter!

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