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Experimental challenges in AB, RB and SB
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Pilots and tankers!
This weekend there will be several fun events for you to participate in! Enjoy mobile AA battles in a ”Rapid Fire!” event, the much anticipated “marker-less” Realistic Battles and the already experienced and popular enthusiast’s Simulator Battles in familiar locations.

Show everyone what you are capable of and please remember to leave your feedback on the forums - we hope you are looking forward to it, we certainly are!

Experimental events will be available from
18:00 GMT on January the 30th till 11:00 GMT on February the 2nd

Arcade Challenge: Rapid Fire!
Take part in an Arcade event involving only mobile AA in War Thunder! Destroy enemy AA vehicles using your own, or through launching an air event in an attacker or bomber - if you are brave enough!

Realistic Challenge: Combined Battles
Participate in combined battles on Realistic difficulty without HUD and markers, but Mouse Aim and Third Person available. Watch out - don't shoot the good guys! The event will take place on Eastern Europe, Mozdok and Poland maps and popular vehicles of the USSR and Germany will be available.

Simulator Challenge: Combined Battles
Participate in combined battles on Simulator difficulty, without HUD and markers. True battles for simulator enthusiasts! The event will take place on Eastern Europe, and Jungle maps, low-ranked vehicles of the USA and Germany are available.

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