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Mozdok-Malgobek defensive operation
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By the end of August 1942, the German army had captured most of Kuban. One after another, they had seized Krasnodar, Armavir, and Maykop. The 17th Army, proceeding further south to Tuapse, was stopped by Soviet troops, but the 1st Panzer Army continued to advance eastward, intending to seize the oilfields of Baku and Grozny.

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Thus the German army came to face the Soviet line, which was evenly spread over the entire front on the bank of the river Terek.
The battle began on the night of September 1, when German forces launched a series of diversionary attacks east of Mozdok. On the morning of September 2, with the help of air support and artillery, German troops began crossing the Terek River south of Mozdok, overwhelming the few Soviet troops in the area. They seized a bridgehead on the right bank of the river and advanced another 12 kilometers south. Soviet command responded by sending reinforcements from its reserves and from the areas unaffected by the attack, forcing the enemy back north 9 kilometers.

But the Germans were not about to give up and, with the support of their motorized Viking division, they captured several settlements by September 29. Nevertheless, they had suffered heavy losses and were unable to advance further.

The Soviet attack had forced the Germans to defend their position. The advance towards Grozny was halted.
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