Revenue Share Program pays out $4000
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'Bell P-39N-0 Airacobra "Pantie Bandit"' by _TerremotO_, the most popular Revenue Share camouflage

Pilots and Tankers!

In 2014 we announced the start of the Revenue Share Partner System and launched it in October, allowing creative War Thunder players to earn real money and participate in the further and continuous development of the game.

By creating custom content such as air and ground vehicle skins, maps, vehicle models and 3D cockpits and by sharing it on War Thunder Live, creators of exceptional content have the chance of their work actually becoming an official part of the game, earning them a monetary reward in return.

Initially, the works of five players were chosen to be accepted into the program and the aircraft skins they had created were added to War Thunder, with the option for all players to purchase them in-game through Golden Eagles. In a short space of time these skins became very popular within our Community and we decided to pay the authors a year upfront. Thus, about $4 000 in total were paid to the pioneers of the War Thunder Revenue Share program.

Congratulations, it is well deserved! And for the future, we are looking forward to add even more custom content to the game and to reward the authors according to our Revenue Share Partner System. There is already an amazing number of great submissions to War Thunder Live, and day by day new items are being added. If you have a creative vein yourself and like the prospect of earning real money for your amazing work, try creating custom content for War Thunder and be invited to join our healthy community of contributors. All you need to get started is the War Thunder Content Development Kit (CDK), your favourite editing program and a bit of time and leisure and you can start creating anything from skins, missions, cockpits and even full vehicles right away!

See you on LIVE!

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