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New launcher option - 'Work-In-Progress' version
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Dear Players!

For the more tech-savy among you, there is now a new option in the launcher enabling you to use a 'Work-In-Progress' or 'WIP' version of War Thunder. In effect, this means that you will be able to try out many of the latest client-side changes planned for the incoming regular update in War Thunder, while still playing normally on the live server. By doing so, you will provide valuable data for our developers, support the ongoing development of War Thunder and help ensure that updates are as smoothly integrated as possible.

Gameplay-related changes like Battle Ratings, Flight Models or the Economy will not be part of a WIP version. Features to most likely see in the Work-In-Progress versions are optimizations and various improvements like stability, user interface, animations and visual modelling.

For more detailed information also on how to get involved in WIP client bug reporting, please read the information post in our WIP Client Bug Reporting section. It is important that you understand the implications of using this feature.

Please note:
Usage of the Work-In-Progress client is currently limited to Windows PC clients only, and may cause instability and/or require the download of large amounts of data. Please use it only if you understand the experimental nature of this build and want to participate in enhanced testing, bug reporting and providing feedback about WIP versions. You can return to the normal live patch any time by unchecking the box in your launcher. Thanks in advance to those that make use of this feature!

The War Thunder Team

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