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“You too can be a William Wordsworth!” - Results!
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Wordsworth was an acclaimed poet from Great Britain who produced many fine works of poetic art in the 19th Century.

Pilots and Tankers!
It's time to announce the best Poets of War Thunder! We read with great interest all your fantastic works of art, some of them were funny, some were moving, but all of them were great! We had a really difficult time to choose the best, but here they are. Winners of the poetry contest: Thank you everybody for all your submissions, they were a brilliant!
  • 1st Place - «Grant I» Advanced Pack including CBT access for poem titled "Twenty-Foruteen" created by Willboy!
  • 2nd Place - 1 000  and CBT access for poem named : "A Simple Wish" created by marchilika!
  • 3rd Place - 750   and CBT access goes to ThePandanator2 for his poem!
  • 4th place - 500   and CBT access goes to Master0M0Master for My wiew on War Thunder!
  • Santa's Secret award - special prize goes to Skogz who gathered the most community votes for his short rhyme
  Congratulations to all winners! We hope that all participants enjoyed our contest! ! 


War Thunder Team

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