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Pilots, we present the War Thunder update 1.35.

War Thunder update 1.35 introduces a new gameplay element – Events mode. Events mode includes special battles with custom parameters. In Events mode, players can recreate historical battles, try new missions and maps, or use familiar maps with customized flight model settings. War Thunder pilots have the ability not only to choose which side of the conflict they are on and which aircraft to use in battle, but also to evaluate their opponent's strength – where, against whom, and in what mode they will fight.

Events mode allows us to experiment with new and familiar game missions. For example, to use the [Operation] Korea map in Arcade mode or to fight it in simulation mode in the Rice Terraces arcades. Moreover, the game modes themselves can now have unusual, interesting settings – for example, an arcade without the ability to respawn, historical battles in which weapons can be reloaded while flying, battles with a limited number of respawns. This kind of freedom to customize settings gives players a fresh perspective on familiar missions and tactical techniques.
Read more about this mode here in our “Developer's Diaries: Events mode“


Traditionally, every major update adds new aircraft. This time in the U.S. Air Force hangar we have two top-tier "Sabre" F-86 jets, including F-86F-2 with its formidable cannons. An additional US piston engined aircraft, a new version of the Curtiss P- 36 "Hawk" modification G with an improved rate of climb.

New aircraft for Soviet pilots: The basic La-5 and La-5F modified with forced induction engine and improved visibility to the rear. An addition in the lend-lease program for the USSR is an American medium bomber B-25J-30 Mitchell with Soviet stars on the wings, this has taken its place in the lineup of premium aircraft. In the hangar, a new modification of the single-engine fighter has been added - Yak -3P with a rare red camouflage equipped with three 20mm cannons.

Updating the Luftwaffe fleet in the hangar - the first version of "Emile" Bf.109 E-1 at tier 5, starts the lineup of the legendary “Messerschmitt” single-engine fighters.  We also have a new four cannon fighter: Focke-Wulf Fw.190A- 5 which has entered at tier 10 for Germany. The same machine, but with Japanese identification markings, is entered in the premium aircraft of Japan lineup: Fw.190A-5/U-3. The Japanese pilots receive new heavy fighters - premium Ki- 96, armed with two 20mm guns and one 37mm cannon, also the Ki-102, which in addition to the two 20mm cannon has the most powerful gun caliber - the 57mm gun with loaded with 16 fragmentation high-explosive shells. Enemy bombers are in big trouble!

New maps for arcade mode - "[Ground strike] Paradise Island" and "[Ground strike] Green Ridge". The first - a large, spacious map, created after the terrain of the island of Guam. "Paradise Island" is the first mission with special targets for strategic bombers - enemy bases. The second - a mountain map with deep fjords - perfect for maneuver battles. On some of our familiar maps we naow have numerous changes, corrections, and customization in the behavior of ground vehicles.

The War Thunder v.1.35 introduces a system of titles - the in-game ahchievements markings that pilots receive for performing specific tasks. The tab “Titles “is now available in the player profile. The title of the pilot appears under the name of War Thunder pilot - it's a great way to show off their success in front of friends or intimidate the enemy!

These and many other innovations are waiting for all pilots War Thunder in the 1.35 update. Fly and win! Props Away!See the full list of changes in Change Log.



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