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Seasonal Greetings from the War Thunder Team
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Friends! Together, let us remember the victories and achievements of the previous year,

here's a toast to have a bright new 2015 and the successes we will continue to have with you!

A guid New Year tae ane an' aw’,
An' mony may ye see!
An' durin’ aw’ the years tae come,
O happy may ye be!
An' may ye ne'er hae cause tae mourn,
Tae sigh or shed a tear!
Tae ane an' aw’, baith great an' sma’,
A hearty, Guid New Year!

                                Rabbie Burns

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All our Players

In game Winter 2X2 Tournament

Winter Holiday Specials and Fun

The Chronicles of World War II

A New Initiative for US Tank Steel Generals CBT

Have a Fantastic Holiday and thank you for everything!

The War Thunder Team


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