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“You too can be a William Wordsworth!”
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Wordsworth was an acclaimed poet from Great Britain who produced many fine works of poetic art in the 19th Century.

Pilots and Tankers!
This time we have a message for all our secret Poets and your Artistry and Writing skills. We know we have some great and talented players amongst our community, you showed us it many times! Beautiful screenshots, your videos could certainly get nominated for an Oscar, don’t forget about the amazing camouflages, maps and pictures, many a graphic design studios would be proud to have you.

This time we are going to test Your artistic soul, so that you can show not only a knowledge of language and rhyme, but also a touch of humour. Your task will be to prepare a poem about War Thunder that will describe some of the most important events (in your opinion), which occurred over the last year.


The best entries will be awarded prizes: the winner will receive a «Grant I» Advanced Pack including access to the US tanks Closed Beta Test (CBT) and the winning entry will appear on the home page. Runners up will of course win Golden Eagle awards.



  • 1st Place - «Grant I» Advanced Pack including CBT access
  • 2nd Place - 1 000  and CBT access
  • 3rd Place - 750   and CBT access
  • 4th place - 500   and CBT access

“Secret Santa” The article with highest amount of reputation (thanks button), will get a special prize - but what will it be? It’ll be Santa’s Secret.


  • The lines of poetry should have be in a positive vein, sarcasm and abuse will not be welcome.

  • The poem should have at least two stanzas(verses) of four lines.

  • Each participant may present a maximum  of two works.

  • Ready your works of art here 

  • The “Secret Santa” prize will be judged on thanks received for the item in the forum
  • The deadline is Saturday, 10th January, 2015 at 12:00 GMT

War Thunder Team

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