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4,000,000 Views - Incredible!
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4,192,607 and rising, that’s how many views our latest Trailer - “Victory is Ours!” - has received. A story of war, a story of pain, a story of love, a story of the circle of futility and in the end a calm. All this content in a video that is less than 4 minutes long. We have you, our player base heroes, to thank for this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, amazing! 

Some thoughts about the trailer from around the web:

  • PCPowerplay - War is hell. Also, kind of awesomely shot.
  • VideoSift - No, seriously, this whole video is a level or two away from academy award for best cinematography.
  • ArtofVFX - Really impressive trailer for WAR THUNDER made by a team of 20 people during 12 weeks
  • DailyMotion- This Live-Action Trailer "Victory Is Ours" For "War Thunder" Is Beyond Epic
  • gametrailers.com - A must-see action-packed live-action trailer!
  • Polygamia - Rozmachu nowej reklamie War Thunder odmówić nie można  ( You can not deny that the new War Thunder commercial is made with a flourish )
  • ItsArtMag - Discover this new amazing trailer for War Thunder: Victory Is Ours.
  • IziSmile - 'Victory Is Ours': An Epic Cinematic of 'War Thunder'
  • Onet.pl - Widowiskowy zwiastun z muzyką Anny German (Spectacular trailer with Anna German music)
  • Eurogamer.cz - Vítězství je naše, žene vpřed filmeček War Thunder (Victory is ours, War Thunder movie goes in right direction)
  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta – Реалистичная компьютерная графика в картине позволяет зрителю почувствовать себя реальным участником сражений (Realistic computer graphics in the video makes the spectator feel like he is in a real battle)
  • Gorod55.ru – Новый взгляд на победы России! (The new vision of Russian victories!)
  • Geometria.ru – Gaijin Entertainment выпустили ошеломляющий промо ролик к своей игре War Thunder (Gaijin Entertainment releases a stunning trailer for War Thunder)
  • Gamemag.ru – Красивейший лайв-экшн трейлер (The most beautiful live action trailer ever)
  • Leblogjeuvideo.be - Victory is ours, the impressive trailer of War Thunder
  • Koreus.com - This  breathtaking cinematic from War Thunder brings us at the heart of a battle during WWII, during german troops advance toward Moscow in October 1941"
  • Nokenny.com - “A huge trailer for War Thunder”!  Videogames trailers are often great, but I think “Victory is Ours”, this trailer for the Combat MMO War Thunder, just set the bar even higher. “

As a bonus, here is the Original song by Anna German edited into the video:


The War Thunder Team
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