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USAF Anniversary: 66 years
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September 18th 2013 celebrates 66 years of the United States Air Force. The USAF  has evolved from the United States Army Air Force and developed into one of the largest, most technologically advanced, air forces in the world; after having been established in 1947 under the National Security Act. From the Korean Conflict, Vietnam and Cold War operations to unilateral humanitarian operations and the Global War on Terror, the USAF and its men and women that have brought great honor and distinction upon their country.

War Thunder presents special event from September 18th 12:00 GMT to September 19th 12:00 GMT (from September 18th 05:00 PDT to September 19th 05:00 PDT):


  • x5 experience bonus for the first victory for all nations

  • 20%  discount for purchasing all American aircraft and modifications

  • and 70% special discount for purchasing the following planes:  F-80C, B-25J-20 and XP-50


 Today we salute those men and women involved in front line operations and vital supporting roles, as well as the development teams in civil industry which provide the essential equipment required at all levels. Their great courage, sacrifice, and dedication to their vocation. Marks them out as worthy successors to one of the oldest air forces in history.
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