Premium Account Price Change
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Dear pilots and tankers!

The prices for premium accounts have been changed: The prices for purchasing the popular 30 days premium account as well as all longer premium accounts have been reduced, while the price for one day or one week of premium has been increased.




1 d.



7 d.

(You save 7% 48%)

650 690 

15 d.

(You save 17% 58%)

1250 1190 

30 d.

(You save 33% 67%)

2000 1900 

90 d.

(You save 44% 71%)

5000 4900 

365 d.

(You save 58% 79%)

15200 14900 

The owners of premium account have several bonuses:

  • 200%  (Research Points) gain bonus in all game modes
  • 150%  (Silver Lions) gain bonus for activity in Random Battles
  • 200%  (Silver Lions) gain bonus for the time spent in Random Battles
  • 150%  (Silver Lions) gain bonus for participating in other game modes

Besides that the players receive

  • Extended time limit for Dynamic Campaign missions which gives reward
  • 4 decal slots, possibility to change camouflage condition for tanks


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