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Immortal Deeds: 28 Panfilovtsev
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From 19:00 GMT on 15th November to 19:00 GMT on 16th November

Silver Lions for tank achivements in ground forces battles are increased three times!

Dear players! There is always a place for bravery in our life. Deeds can be small, casual, and sometimes - significant and important. But there is a special kind of deeds: immortal. Deeds which will be recalled and admired in many years after.

On the November 16th 1941 one of these immortal deeds happened. A small squadron of the Soviet military, which later was nicknamed twenty-eight Panfilovtsev, in fearless and selfless struggle managed to halt the advance of German tanks with the cost of their lives.

To honor these brave man, from 19:00 GMT on 15th November to 19:00 GMT on 16th November: Silver Lion for following tank achivements in tank battles are increased three times:

Eye for eye - 900 

Destroy an enemy who has destroyed your vehicle.

Shadow strike streak - 300 

Reward for destroying an enemy vehicle without getting yourself hit.

Bulletproof - 3000 

Didn't lose any vehicle and destroyed more air targets than all other players who didn't lose any vehicle. If several players have equal number of destroyed targets, the award is given to the one with bigger score.

Sniper - 300 

Destroy an enemy vehicle from a long distance.

Without a miss - 300 

Reward for shooting at your enemies without a miss.

One Shot - 600 

Reward for destroying your enemies' vehicles without a miss.


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