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Polish Independence Day
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Poland, a country in Eastern Europe. That several hundred years ago was a force to be reckoned with among other Nations with it's prestigious Hussar Cavalry was virtually unstoppable.


A country, that was once broken up by Austria, Prussia, and Russia. That suddenly disappeared off the political map of Europe only to be reforged. What did this mean? That it's citizens also vanished? No, they were still there and they fought. For freedom, for independence, for a better tomorrow, for Poland!


The uprisings meant to free the oppressed nation were brutally crushed by the conquerors, who tried to erase any national pride from the Poles. Polish literature was banned outright, and all three conquerors tried to erase any history of the country that ruled those lands just decades ago.


It took 123 years until finally on the 11th of November, 1918, Poland was independent again. The end of the Great War was a new beginning for the nation. This valorous and brave nation finally realized it was free, and Poland was back on the map. Having been recognized again as an independent and sovereign nation on the world stage.


It's on the 11th of November that the Poles celebrate their National Independence Day. The most cherished National holiday in the Polish Calendar. With this article we wanted to commemorate that day and salute all those that fought for the freedom of Poland.


Author: Bartłomiej “Bajtek” Kalemba


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