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Gladiators 4x4. Battle of the Eagles Meet: West! draft
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The tournament for the "West" meet, starts on the 9th of November

Watch the draft online at 21:00 (UTC +-00, GMT)

Dear players!


Today, the 7th of November, at 21:00 (UTC +-00, GMT) there will be a draw of the teams, which will participate in the team duel tournament “Gladiators 4x4. Battle of the Eagles”.


As you know, we have two regional meets: “East” and “West”. Matches in the “East” meet have already been held so now, the "West" meet, at last, can start fighting.


Once the “West” meet finishes, we will be witnesses of a great series of play-off matches between the best teams from “West” and “East” in the “WarThunder Cup”.


Teams which take the best places (from the 1st to the 8th) in each division will be given the right to participate in this play-off.


The schedule of matches will be published on the 8th of November.


War Thunder Team

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