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War Thunder Birthday: how it was
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On the 1st of November we celebrated the second anniversary of War Thunder open test launch! Epic specials and discounts pleased our players all over the world. The pinnacle event was of course the Celebration at the Moscow Cyber Stadium, where War Thunder fans could meet the developers, support their favourite team in the tournaments, get prizes and gifts and of course play the game.


We would like to thank everyone who joined the event at the  Moscow Cyber Stadium or watched the Celebration stream on our official Twitch channel.

How it was:

We are two years old! Hurray!

Together we followed the “Gladiators 4x4. Battle of the Eagles”. finals of the East conference.

“Simulator Battles” Division:

“Realistic Battles” division:

1st place -NM- Russia.Ukraine

2nd place =MNS= Russia.Belarus

3rd place  =IBFFI= Best Friends Forever Russia.Kazakstan

1st place [SV] Sky Veterans.Russia.Ukraine.Moldova

2nd place [DA] Der Adler Russia.Ukraine.Belarus

3rd place  [WS] Wild Spirit Russia

Pilots of the winning teams have joined the War Thunder Hall of Fame.

Sponsors and partners of the tournament:


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