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Hawker Hurricane Mk I
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Semi-Historical skin of Harold Bird-Wilson's Hurricane P3878 made by RAF_Eagle617 | download here

From 7th November 16:00 GMT till 10th November 11:00 GMT

30% more RP gain on Hawker Hurricane Mk I and Mk II

Whilst the iconic Supermarine Spitfire is commonly associated with the RAF’s role in the Battle of Britain, its stablemate and fellow frontline fighter at the time is often overlooked. The rugged and reliable Hawker Hurricane first flown in November of 1935 claimed some 60% of the RAF’s aerial victories in the summer of 1940 above Britain against the Luftwaffe’s Bf 109 E, Bf 110, He-111, Ju-87, Ju-88 and Do-17 types to name a few.


The Hurricanes wings make a sturdy platform for the 8 wing mounted
7.7mm machine guns.

Sydney Camm who designed the Hurricane based it of the successes of the Hawker Fury biplane and when placed side by side, the family resemblance is clear to see. As the Hurricane was an evolution of the Fury, so too was its Rolls Royce Merlin V-12 powerplant, derived from the Fury’s Rolls Royce Kestrel engine. Entering service in December 1937 with No. 111 Squadron the Hurricane soon spread to many frontline squadrons across the RAF’s theatres of operation. Many of the RAF’s leading pilots and squadrons in the Battle of Britain owe their success to the Hurricane Mk I, such as the Czechoslovakian No.310 Squadron based initially at RAF Duxford in 1940 or the famous Polish No.303 Squadron who ended the battle with 126 destroyed, 13 probable and 9 damaged during the Battle of Britain.


In War Thunder, the Hawker Hurricane Mk I is one of the first monoplane fighters you will come across within the British tree. The aircraft is powered by a Rolls Royce Merlin II and comes equipped with 8 Browning 303 7.7mm machine guns, with four situated in each wing.


Whilst not quite as maneuverable or as fast as its Spitfire brethren, the Hurricane Mk I is still very agile for its tier and can hold its own very effectively in dogfights. One of the Hurricane’s true strengths is in its durability and sheer robust nature that make it a favourite among the virtual pilots of War Thunder as it did during the Battle of Britain almost 75 years ago. You will find your Hurricane able to withstand a very high amount of damage before it will give in as it is a largely fabric covered aircraft.


The Hurricane is a very agile,
yet durable airframe.

The strong, sturdy wings on the Hurricane also make for an excellent gun platform for pilots. So whilst it may lack the punch of cannons or heavier machine guns, you will find the Hurricane’s agility and ability to put accurate fire on targets to be in your favour. The standard “Hawker” style wide track landing gear present on most, if not all of their monoplane fighters is of course found on the Hurricane Mk I as well, making this aircraft much more appealing to newer players when landing due to its stability.


In combat the Hurricane Mk I allows pilots to engage almost any aircraft comfortably. Many of the fighters you will face do not have the agility to out maneuver the Hurricane, which will only be surpassed by any biplanes or Japanese fighters you may face. Lone Fighter-Bombers, Attackers, Heavy Fighters and Bombers should also present little threat to the Hurricane as its 8 machine guns provide a dense spread of fire at a fast rate, whilst the rigidity and durability of the airframe will cope with the return fire of the opposing aircrafts’ gunners.


The Hurricane is a British favourite in War Thunder, providing a sturdy, reliable yet agile fighter that can be effective in a variety of combat situations. Sticking with the Hurricane and unlocking its modifications yields a fantastic fighter, leading you on to the improved Hurricane Mk II and down the line of its Hawker family tree.



Scott “Smin1080p” Maynard


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