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Tanker's Day!
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Today in Russia, the second Sunday of September is Tanker's Day. A great Military Holiday commemorating the heroic deeds of tanker crews and producers of the Great Patriotic War. Therefore we would like to introduce you to a short Warthunder- groundforces gameplay video. In order to see these armored beasts in motion, here, and for the first time.

   *(the following video is actual gameplay footage, yet it is an alpha version and does not reflect the final quality)



Moreover War Thunder presents special event!

 From 08:00 GMT September 8th to  08:00 GMT September 9th ( From 01:00 PDT September 8th to  01:00 PDT September 9th)


You will get:

x5 experience bonus for the first victory for each nation

200%  experinece bonus for destroying tank and ground vehicles

 20% special discount  applied torwards the purchase prices of bombers, attackers and ground attack fighters:


Yak-9Т, IL-2, IL-2M, IL-10, Su-2М82, Pe-2-359 series

Fw.190F-8, Hs.129B-2, Ju.87G-1, Ju.87G-2, P-47D (captured)

B-25J-20, Beaufighter Mk.21, BTD-1, P-47D, P-47D-28

Good luck and have fun!

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