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End of World War II
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From September 2nd 18:00 GMT (11:00 PDT) to September 4th 06:00 GMT (September 3rd 23:00 PDT) War Thunder presents special discounts:

30% special discount for purchase and repair price for the following planes:


USA: P-63A-10, P-51D-5, F4U-1c, B-17E

USSR: Yak-3, La-7, La-7B-20, IL-10, Pe-2-359

Britain: Typhoon Mk.Ib/L, Tempest Mk.V, Lancaster Mk.III, Mosquito FB Mk.VI


60% special discount for purchasing the following premium aircraft:


D.520, Spitfire Mk.IX, I-16 type 28


On September the 2nd year 1945,  aboard the deck of the American battleship USS Missouri the act of unconditional surrender of Japan was signed.  That meant the end of the the most large-scale war   in human history  that was fought in Europe, Asia and Africa; all 4 Ocean war theaters were involved - Arctic, Atlantic Pacific and Indian, total human resources involved in the war exceeded 1,7 billion people. September the 2nd meant the End of that horrible war and gave hope for peace and freedom.
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