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War Thunder is now available in Steam!
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War Thunder hits shelves of Steam, world leading digital distribution service!

War Thunder steam release became possible thanks to our players support through the Greenlight system! Support of this popular digital distribution service is a very important stage of War Thunder's development; it will allow people from all over the world to take part in War Thunder battles using all unique opportunities of Steam. Variety of special events and discounts are waiting for you! Interaction with your friends, sharing your screenshots via Steam account, great download speed for updates and much more!You can download the game for free, but specially for Steam release Gaijin Entertainment presents unique War Thunder pack, which includes:


  • Pacific Historical Campaign:  play as US pilot or Japanese pilot, take part in most important battles of the Pacific - from the attack on Pearl Harbor to battle of Guadacanal. Fastidiously recreated operations  - battles over the land and ocean, photorealistic locations and war chronicles. 
  • Premium aircraft: American Lockheed XP-38G Lightning and legendary "Zero" of the Imperial Japanese Air Force
  • Steam exclusive offer: fighter P-36  Hawk  of Lt. Philipp M. Rasmussen - one of the few USAF pilots who managed to take off during the attack on Pearl Harbor to defend the airbase from Japanese forces.
  • Premium account and currency: 30 days Premium and 1700 Golden Eagles for each customer who buys War Thunder Steam Pack!

To celebrate long-awaited Steam release, we have a present for all our pilots - special custom decal “Steam Whistle” which is now available for free in your hangar!


And special offer until 19th of August 25% discount for the War Thunder Steam Pack and following downloadable content:





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