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Operation "Eagle's Day"
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On August 13th, 1940 The first Phase of what was to become the Battle of Britain was launched over the skies of England. This plan known as Operation Eagle has come to be known as Eagle Day. When  approximately 2/3rds of the German Bomber and half of it's Fighters launched across the English Channel.

From August 13th 7pm GMT to August 14th 7pm GMT

(August 12th 12pm PDT to August 13th 12pm PDT)

25% special discount for all modifications of all German planes

70% special discount for purchase of the following aircraft: Ju.88A-4, He.111H-3 and He.111H-6


Special challenges for Historic Battles

AdlerTag Fighter: While flying German plane make certain amount of kills and get your rewards:
1 step 10 air kills – 20 000  SL
2nd step 40 air kills – 100 000 SL

AdlerTag Bomber: while flying German plane destroy certain amount of ground targets kills and get your rewards
1 step – 30 ground kills – 20 000  SL
2nd step step 100 ground kills – 100 000 SL

The German plan was to destroy the RAF. The RAF until this time had deployed  radar and other detection equipment along the coast. and Air Marshall Dowding had planned to deploy small fleets of airplanes to combat what he believed would be standard waves of enemy attackers. The Germans though had other plans. During the raid the Germans destroyed multiple airfields, radar installations and many key communication facilities all over the British coast. Making subsequent attacks possible and extending the battle for weeks. Even though suffering losses Germany effectively won a tactical victory by securing an offensive position over the English Channel and  North Sea via Air to which to strike throughout the campaign.

Text by Clay Remy

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