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Russian Air Force - 101st Anniversary
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Today we celebrate 101st anniversary of Russian Air Force.



From August 12th 3pm GMT to August 13th 3pm GMT (8am PDT):

  • x5 experience for the first victory for all nations

  • 20%  special discount for modifications and aircraft of the USSR 

  • 70% special discount for purchasing I-16 type28, IL-10 and MiG-9


Origins of Russian military aviation are closely associated with Igor Sikorsky - famous Russian aircraft designer. He was the first one that had an idea of multi-engined aircraft and his first four engined aircraft performed its first flight in may 1913. His second plane - "Ilya Muromets" in 1914 performed 1200 km flight from Saint Pertersburg to Kiev. WIth a beginning of WWI Sikorsky started building planes for the army, his aircraft in the beginning of the war had no equal - they could carry up to 800 kg of bombs, were armed with 3-7 machine guns and Had a crew of 8.


And while Sikorsky contributed as aircraft designer, Pyotr Nesterov was first Russian prominent pilot - he was the first pilot in history to fly a loop. He founded the practice of aerobatics, stressing the value of these exercises for a military pilot. Nesterov improved the flight methods and designed new flight models.

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