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War Thunder Update 1.33
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Update 1.33 brings us one step closer to the release and adds some really important gameplay changes, that will provide players with more freedom to choose how they want their aircraft tuned and prepare it to attain wide variety of combat tasks. The most important changes to be introduced in 1.33 are consumables and new modification system. Modification system basically means that a player will be repairing his war-beaten aircaft.


We bring new elements that will give an opportunity to tune your aircraft to get the best results for you. Historically during WWII, a new pilot in the Squadron did not receive a new plane when he joined but most likely he would get a worn craft. While flying his steel bird a pilot and his fellow mechanic adopted the plane to specific tasks the pilot needed to attain, they replaced and added parts of the craft, tuned armament and customized defenses of a plane. So we are implementing this scenario for War Thunder – the player will be replacing worn parts with new ones, thus his aircraft could reach the characteristics of a reference model . Read more details about modification system and consumables in the  Devs Diaries.


See the full of changes here.


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