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“Sky Duels” #1 Yaks vs. Messerschmitts
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War Thunder presents our new weekend special:  “Sky Duels”– join and win valuable prizes.


Every weekend there will be a Sky Duels special – prove that you are a better pilot and earn unique prizes.

Yaks vs. Messerschmitts

The event is on from

July 20th 6am GMT (July 19th 11pm PDT) to July 22nd 6am GMT (July 21st 11pm PDT)


While flying one of these planes: 

Yak-7B, Yak-1B, Yak-3, Yak-9P and Yak-9T

While flying one of these planes:

Bf-109E-3, Bf-109F-4,Bf-109F-4Trop,

Bf-109-G2, Bf-109G-6. Bf-109G-10, Bf-109K-4

 (premium planes included)

You should get a certain amount of air kills:

10, 35 and 70 for Arcade Battles

4 and 20 kills for Historical 

3 and 7 kills for Full-real battles

Completing all the tasks you may get almost 300 000 Silver Lions (rewards’ details can be checked in your Achievements)

"Sky Duels": Screenshot contest

Pilots! The duel goes on!
Take a screenshot of our weekend special's heroes – dominate the skies of  War Thunder! 
  • 1st place – 3000 GE
  • 2nd place – 2000 GE
  • 3rd place – 1000 GE

Eastern Front during World War 2 is often remembered by its tank warfare and to a lesser extent do we remember the Air War in the East.For 3 years did the air armies of the German III Reich contest the skies over Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia and all territories near the “Ostfront” against the Soviet Air Force. After the second half of 1944 the balance shifted definitely in favour of the Red Star.

Me109 versus Yakovlevs makes the brunt of the combat reports since the very start of Operation Barbarossa. All german variants of the 109 that fought the Battle of Britain were used against the Soviets Yak-1B and 7’s up to 1942 Fall Blau campaign against the Volga and ultimately Stalingrad. After that campaign the Yak-3 and 9 models brought into the air what the Me-109’s and their cousins the Fw190’s didn’t have for a while. Fighting superior planes, albeit not being flown by similar quality pilots and tactics.

The Yak-1 was a favorite with the pilots although it is a forgotten model given it lives under the shadow of Spitfires and other more popular airplanes from the War in the West. It possessed a modern design with a mixed structure of a welded steel tube fuselage covered with a secondary light alloy structure. This second structure had been covered with a sheet metal of light alloys over the front part, and plywood was laid over the rear part. The tail unit was made up of a light alloy structure which was then covered with fabric. The wing had a plywood-covered wooden unit made out of one piece.

Its counterparts on the German side were full metal airframes. This gave them more roughness and defense against low caliber guns but given the tradition ( started in 1916 ) of equipping the airplanes with cannons this structural difference would amount to little in a face off engagement, at least in theory.

The  Yak-9 was summarized by Galland and other Staff command in a very clear comment - The Spitfire of the East. Was fast, nimble, turned quickly and tight and carried good weaponry. It had better rates of climb, dive and acceleration than all the 109 models up to the G-6 and on top of that, was an excellent flier at low altitudes, where most of the aerial engagements in the East took place.

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