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1 000 000 000: Golden Fights!
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This Sunday, the players of War Thunder should reach some record statistics;
One billion (1,000,000,000) units destroyed
Over 600,000,000 sorties flown
Over 30,000,000 hours flown in War Thunder, which translates to 3,500 years!


War Thunder giving you Golden Fights! Win premium currency — up to 300 Golden Eagles — for victories in battles against other players! Be better, be higher, and get richer!

This Sunday, July 21st, starting from 3pm GMT (8am PDT) till 7pm GMT (12pm PDT) 

play War Thunder and win:

50GE for your third victory from the beginning of the event.

Next 100GE will be send to your account for your 5th victory!

Final 150GE will be your award for the 10th victory!


Spend your Golden Eagles to buy Premium Account, train your crews or buy Silver Lions and purchase new planes, modules and shell racks!


Good luck and see you soon in the amazing skies of War Thunder!


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